Why HR Bacon Hut?

The HR Bacon Hut is not a new topic or title. But, before now I’m not sure it ever existed outside of the SHRM website. I must give credit to the SHRM members who participate in what I would describe as “virtual happy hour”. A SHRM member posts the topic “THE BACON HUT IS OPEN” to the “HR TALK” discussion boards on a Friday afternoon. And then people show and post virtual drink and food orders. It is a wonderful team-building way to and have fun with co-workers and online colleagues and create a bit of community building in a light casual way. Love it! But, you have to be a SHRM member to see it.


SHRM HR Talk Screen Shot

My relationship with bacon and HR started with Steve Boese, & Crystal Peterson and the planning of HRevolution in 2009. Work conversation turns to casual conversation and the love of bacon, beer, BBQ and all things social. I think it is why we all love social networking. Bacon is in our blood.

All the wonderful HR pros who inspire with bacon conversation (see my blog roll) inspired me to present bacon buttons at HRevolution as a little give-away to remind us all about the power of community building. This reference to bacon continues in some way at each HRevolution Unconference today. We may all get together to learn, search out a new job opportunity, find our customers, change how business thinks and utilizes HR, but the power is in the relationships formed over time by a tweet, a phone conversation, a blog comment and ultimately a handshake at a tweet-up. When I shook hands I passed on a bacon button.


Bacon Button

What that experience passed to me has inspired this blog. It is another HR lite blog. I hope to share my HR thoughts, share your HR thoughts, be a bacon touchstone in the HR community. I want to use this blog to aggregate and share your content as well as be a source of entertainment with bacon, food and fun online. I see you all out there blogging, tweeting, doing your blog talk radio. And I’m listening and reading. Keep up the great content! And with bacon I will keep the “social” in networking!

Lyn Hoyt

National SHRM Member –  MTSHRM Social Media Chair Working to PR some HR.
Small business owner with HR issues.
Designer & Manufacturer of HR products.