What? No Bacon? Just SHRM?

Tonight: 6pm-7pm cst my SHRM Chapter Middle Tennessee SHRM will be hosting a social media workshop. There will be hands-on learning and tweeting. This is a new strategy for my chapter. I am learning from my #shrmchat friends that in order to get membership to adopt social media, sometimes you have to bring it to them. So we are beginning our education process here. With hope our chapter will be seen as on the leading edge of educating executives about the power of social media.

Yeah- it has been awhile since a blog post over here. Over at Fusion Frames we are re-tooling websites, product lines and our attempt at social media. My volunteer time is scooped up by my local SHRM chapter and kid’s school stuff. So unless I am going to subcontract, something has to give. But, this blog has value to reach my audience. So here I am using it reaching out to you.

I need to illustrate this power tonight. So I would love a tweet or shout out using our workshop hash tags. #MTSHRMeep #WhyMTSHRM and #TNSHRM13  And feel free to follow back at @mtshrm and @tnshrm13

Chris Fields @new_resource will also be helping us on the back channel. He has been an amazing resource for MTSHRM to help move our Social Media education along. It is sometimes hard to see all of social media’s contributions as an engagement tool as well as a business tool. So we begin tonight trying to help approximately 35 of our members do just that.

Show them the love HR fans!

We will also be passing out a “who to follow” list created by Chris Fields along with my bullet list of “How HR Can Use Social Media as A Business Tool”
I hope we accomplish a serious head turn and a bunch of “Wow, I did not know you could do that?”

Wish us luck.

And if you are interested in speaking at MTSHRM or being part of our social media TN SHRM conference team, please contact me! @designtwit



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