Sleeping with the Boss: Valentines 2012 HR Blogfest


I often wonder how my husband and I fit into the Human Resources discussions on dating your office mate? We own and run a business together. 20% of the time I will get the reaction of “how nice that must be” to work together. The other 80% look puzzled. “Oh, I could never do that. How do you get along?” I will say, it is not for everyone.

Working and sleeping with the boss (as my husband does and vice verse) can make for interesting pillow talk. After 12 years of marriage and 11 years working together we have this unspoken way of keeping work and home sort of separated. We make meeting appointments (even if it is in the den over a cocktail on a Friday night) to talk about work. Pillow talk rarely goes deeper than mentioning a bullet point list of to-dos. We make better business decision when we are seated rather than when we are prone. That is the policy. I think that translates. When you go prone with work, trouble can brew.

Fraternizing at work is still a touchy situation. Some organizations have actual policy against it or a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to dealing with dating a co-worker or vendor. Sexual harassment is real and alive. So don’t let that valentine get taken the wrong way.  That being said, I thought I would pass along some great Valentines Day blogging I surfed up on the subject of dating your co-worker. Good snarky content that makes you think generally it is a bad choice to date your co-worker unless they are a stuffed animal.


Dating at work – what’s your policy?
By @susanavello on “HR Virtual Cafe”

Suck it, Cupid. You don’t work here!
By @mikevandervort on “The Human Race Horses”

It’s Valentine’s Day – Do You Know What Your Employees Are Doing?
By “Small Business Support”

Gir on Valentine’s Day!
By the @HR_Minon Shauna Moerke

Office Romance: When Does It Make Sense to Mix Business With Pleasure?
By Discovery Fit Health

Generosity Day at Work: How to Spend Valentine’s Day in the Office
By @UpMo @RobGarciaSJ

Valentine’s Day Dilemma: Office Relationships and Sexual Harassment
By @xperthr and some of my Fave UK HR Bloggers

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Valuing Coworkers
By @AboutcomHR @SusanHeathfield

Bad Office Romance
By Patrick Mullarkey over at @mentormullarkey

Water Cooler Made for Two: A CareerBuilder InfoGraphic
CareerBuilder has the visual. @CareerBuilder

Love is in the Air
By @theonecrystal

Adam & Eve & the Workplace Love Story
By “The Buzz on HR” @thebuzzonhr

Monster Video Advice on Workplace Romance
By @Monster

Atlanta SHRM is Giving Away Membership Discounts for the Love of SHRM
Your SHRM Atlanta is Making some Promo Love. @shrmatl

INSTAGRAM SHOT by Maren Hogan for all you moms who stayed up all night making valentines treats for school (Not me. I sent Nerd Candy boxes.) This has nothing to do with sleeping with the boss. It is just fun valentines stuff from my online HR community. By Maren Hoagn “Marenated”

Happy Valentines Day.

Thanks to Susan Avello for the bacon picture.


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