Crispy Fried Inclusion as Blogging Motivator


Welcome Project Social readers. This is a new chapter for the Project Social experiment. I can honestly say it has helped me come out of my shell as a blogger. I will never forget standing at the HRevolution Atlanta tweet-up with Victorio Milan and Dave Ryan as they talked about project social and asked me to join in. That moment of inclusion was pretty profound. And it certainly helped motivate me to raise my bar a bit to join the stage with such respected bloggers in the HR field of practice, including my other team member Laura Schroeder.

My blogging beginnings can be credited to Lance Haun and the first HRevolution in Louisville. His blogging perspective helped me let my guard down. And I discovered that I could put myself out there (even in need of editing) and still feel I had something to say.  My tight social media circles on twitter validate that try, so I continued. But, the missing layer was a timid attempt to promote what I was doing. So I remained in the background trying to find my purpose. Two years later the Project Social team took me to the mat.

Putting yourself into a forum like this helps your accountability, your post quality and it brings a larger audience than you could achieve starting out on your own. Content is king. Bring your good work and readers will notice. And you will learn blogging is pretty organic. You can even re-name, re-design and re-invent what you want your blog to achieve. Still memorizing your audience as they travel that journey with you. I’m contemplating a redesign actually.

I hope sharing my story will inspire you to put your voice out there. I want to invite you to be included in Project Social.  I learn something each day as an avid blog reader. And I feel the profession can be enlightened by ideas and thoughts expressed in blogs that can impact your business strategy or make you see a solution you never thought of. All because of a blog post.

Be the teacher. Be the change. Inspire us. Contact and let us help you begin your blogging journey.


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