The Ultimate HR Pro’s Bacon Gift Guide


Cyber Monday has come and gone. But this bacon fan’s holiday shopping list is still long. I’m always looking for unique gifts for my friends and family. And bacon products are always fun to shop for. I have run across some pretty cool stuff in my online shopping search and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. Bacon Pennant Available on Prank Place.



Bacon Ornament
Bacon Freak is one of my favorite sites. And I could not pass up a bacon ornament. It was definitely a “one for you and one for me” kind of gift item. Available here.


Bacon Periodic Table Shirt

Yes, that is me posing silly at a Nashville Tech conference photo shoot. No cigars were smoked in the making of this image. But, I was asked constantly where I bought the shirt. You can have one too at the Royal Bacon Society Website.


Real Bacon, Real Gifting

My HR blogger pal Joan Ginsberg turned me on to Nueskes Bacon this year. The smoked bacon is supreme. It will fry up to a serious crisp and has a smoke flavor that would add depth to any recipe. Nueskes has a great selection of gift packs. It would be a more demure gift for the boss than the one pictured above.


Books Are Always a Great Gift

There are several bacon recipe books on the market. One that I have recently downloaded to my Kindle Reader is a foodie, gourmet cooking delight. There is no quick 30 min meal. You must be ready to cook with the love, detail and patience only allowed me on vacation and for special dinner parties.  “Seduced By Bacon” moves recipes from breakfast fare to dinner, vegetables and dessert. I always knew bacon could be for dessert. Some people say it is a vegetable Download it now!



Bacon Gift Wrap For Fun and Games

It is the season for giving. Sense of humor allowed. Find this and many other bacon items on  Archie McPhee. Why? Because everything is better wrapped in bacon.


Bacon Candy Canes

This one has been tweeted and shared a lot. Thanks Robin Schooling and a host of others who brought this jewel to my attention. Think had them! Popular! They are out of stock, so you might try Bacon Freak.


Bacon Bourbon Carmel Corn

If the taste memory of the popcorn at HRevolution in Chicago is a craving not to be denied, order some here.



Bacon Beer!

While we are plugging bacon we might as well plug beer. Craft beer is a great gift alternative to the perfunctory hostess gift bottle of wine. Seek advice from your local package store about the latest local bacon inspired brew in your area. They are popping up everywhere. Shout out to my Western NC Peeps with a recommendation for Pisgah Bacon Stout.  It is a seasonal beer with a hint of nutty and smoky.  If you can find it, it is gift worth remembering. Or check out this article on the 10 best beers for breakfast.



Bacon Vodka

It is actually called BAKON Vodka. Why not since we are onto alcohol gifts. I have had a version of this Bloody Mary in Austin, TX made with this bacon -infused Vodka. Genius. Well worth the effort to track down a bottle.



Bacon Platter

Lets not leave out household accessories. This little ditty might not go with the heirloom silver and Grandma’s china. I’d call it a statement piece. Archie McPhee will set you up.



Bacon Alarm Clock

In my product design world, this was a hot piece made by Matty Sallin, a graduate student at New York University. It is an engineered an alarm clock that cooks a slice of bacon in lieu of ringing a buzzer. Resume on this blog if you need a lead on design talent.


Bacon Lip Balm

For the stocking suffer or Hanukkah gift, this might make a fine choice. I think it is an easier sell than bacon flavored toothpaste.




Bacon Pancake Mix

If you already love syrup, pancakes and bacon together then why separate them? This gourmet pancake mix comes with the bacon already in the mix. And they don’t stop there. The mix also has chocolate chips in it. Whoa!


Esty Bacon

I encourage a key word bacon search of if you want the truly unique. I’m coveting bacon jewelery and decorator items. And I am always a sucker for art in a frame. Find this print at  The World Shop on Etsy. Since the print is sold without a frame, I’d say they need to visit my website and let us work up some contract framing options.


Happy holiday shopping HR bacon fans. I’m humbled you choose to read my little blog.


2 Responses

  1. Joan Ginsberg Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Lyn. I do love me some Nueske bacon. Their liver sausage (or pate, if you want to sound fancy), is to die for, too.

    May I also suggest a great book for your list: Zingerman’s Guide To Better Bacon. It’s an interesting read about the history of bacon, and also about modern bacon and how different processors prepare it. Oh, yes, it has RECIPES.

  2. Lyn Says:

    Joan- thanks for the gift guide comment extension. I love Zingermans!

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