Authenticity is Messy

One of the purposes of this blog is to brainstorm social media procedure for my local SHRM chapter. We follow a basic outline or “script” based on the organization’s mission. I put posts out there that are relative, conversational, educational, informative and promotional. The basic mission of social media for my SHRM Chapter, and for most people, is to promote both self and others, inform, educate and engage. Usually the missing link for most social media users is the promotion and engagement of others. Yes, I feel to be successful using social media you must promote others.

Are You Just a Robot Mouth Piece?

You will find your message reaching a  much broader if you engage your followers. It is an unwritten rule  “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” in the rules of promotion. So mathematically your message is going to a broader audience if you only have 500 followers and the person sharing your information has 5,000. Just being a robot mouthpiece tweeting only your event info will not grow your audience. Authentically get to know your audience. Actively converse with them. Suddenly they are spreading your message too.

Spreading The Message Off-Line

It is a fact that not everyone will use social media. Some people are natural content creators and some people are not. So how do you reach the audience that will never consider a twitter account? One tool I have been applying lately is The  The basic function is to aggregate the tweet stream based on who my SHRM chapter follows and place it into a readable format and push it into areas where un-tweeters are reading. I place the link on our Chapter Facebook page as well as LinkedIn. I have tightened the content significantly so we don’t have too much rouge blog content posting in the paper. The SHRM We Know Next blog  along with all SHRM keywords are the center of content. So far the feedback has been positive. Some followers are surprised at the content value they are finding online.  Thanks smart blogging friends.

Stop the Presses, We Fear Your Content

Authenticity is messy. It is real. It is approachable. It can make you think deeply about a subject or make you uncomfortable.  The is an authentic representation of the conversations, thoughts and writing that permeates the tweet stream. It can be unedited, unconventional. At its best it is a window on the Human Resources industry from thought leaders whose writing gives you pause to think or relates to your job. At worst it can be snarky and less than professional. The ilPaper gives the stream a voice off-line to bring what is really going on nationally to the off-line audience.  I feel revealing this content in its raw form can help spot HR trends and shine a light on cutting edge topics. But I wonder if promoting it is somehow being misconstrued as endorsing it?

Education to Curb Fear is a Process

I looked back at this week’s paper. Wondering why some red flags were thrown by my chapter this week?  There is nothing that really stands out. So we will be meeting next week to discuss how a is conceived with key word lift and content focus that can stay on script. My guess is that I have a new reader (board member) who does not understand. So I will put on my educator hat. Curb fear of technology. And even more important; curb fear of me. As a social media community manager, building the organization’s confidence in me to stay on script as a representative of their voice is really the central core. I walk a line of authenticity and robot mouth piece to keep me engaged as a volunteer. Sometimes it is uncomfortable and messy. But, I am confident the process will meet my chapter’s mission as long as I am on script.

6 Responses

  1. Joan Ginsberg Says:

    Uncomfortable and messy – you took the words right out of my mouth! I am struggling with a chapter that thinks I should do all of the talking while they sit back and watch, or even worse, POST THINGS FOR THEM.

    I’m stealing your idea, girlfriend. I’ve always been against these aggregators, but I think my oh-so-novice chapter will like the format.

  2. lynhoytbacon Says:

    Joan, see the as bringing a bit of the tweet stream to the masses for your chapter where the readers are hiding (facebook and email inboxes). It is a good kind of aggregator. I find myself wanting to plant the link everywhere membership might lurk online. Lobbying for it to appear in the newsletter. But… I must slay the content fear monster first. The next step will be asking them to actually read the stuff I’m posting or subscribe by email. It has only been out a month. I already see traction. My good news story is that I have help and an incoming prez and com chair that have jumped right in tweeting. It rocks! Comfort level is key.

  3. Stephanie @MingleMediaTV Says:

    I’m with lyn – – I use it and find some really great articles and meet new people too.

  4. chris Says:

    See I learned how the’S work. I didn’t know who my name got involved in those things. You are doing good work, baby steps

  5. jennifer Says:

    I just don’t understand Paper.Li or whatever. SOmetimes, I see tweets where I’m some “daily…” What does it mean.

    I agree authenticity is messy.

  6. Lyn Says:

    Jen, you can select if you want your paper to go daily or weekly. If you are tweeted as contributor to a it means that the person’s tweet stream aggregation picked up your tweet to be featured. It may be your content or content you tweeted. Regardless, your content has been picked up and put in a summary of that persons daily or weekly tweet stream. It is kinda cool actually.

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