Is Klout a Necessary Evil?

My Project Social partners picked “Circle of Adoration” as our discussion subject this week. The simplicity of friendship, common HR ground and professional respect are connections that create my online circle with Laura and Dave. It is a relationship not measurable by google or klout. We help each other out by promoting each other’s content and engaging our online networks with relevant commentary. But, what happens when others decide to measure that engagement? See what Laura thinks about measuring over at “Working Gal” and over at “HR Official” Dave plugs the benefits of building your circle whether you are measured or not.

I decided to ‘attempt’ a graphic visualization of why Klout measuring is a necessary evil and what purpose it might have in the world of concrete influence. I also try to graphically touch on what cannot be measured. I wish I had a way to understand the importance of each influence characteristic. But, algorithm trade secrets make that impossible.  So I represent it in my view of connectivity.

Another good blog post this week on the pitfalls of Klout measuring was posted by Jessica Miller-Merrell on Blogging 4 Jobs. So if you missed that check it out.

How do I really want to be measured? Search “Certificate Frames” on google and click the +1 next to my organic website Award Certificate Frames. Even if you never buy a frame, this helps those who are searching for my product find me. And I’ll stick to building real relationships. The benefits of my HR social network are truly immeasurable to me.  Too bad google and Klout standards don’t have a good way to measure real adoration.


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  1. H. R. Official » My Circle of Tweeps Says:

    […] both posted on this matter of on-line collaboration.  Laura’s post is a click away here – and Lyn’s is right here.  Please go over and read their posts on the matter, because what they have to say will no doubt […]

  2. Daoyve "theHRCzar" Ryan Says:

    Lyn I enjoyed your post on our adoration. What you say is so true there are those who are simply pushing Klout scores. Good for them. Then there are those of us who are really building relationships and building real new friendships!

    Oh and thanks for the K+ in Human Resources today! 🙂

  3. Laura Schroeder Says:

    That is a seriously cool graphic you should make it into a poster!

  4. lynhoytbacon Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Laura. I may make some modification to clean it up a little more. I could have spent some more time on it. But, I suspect it has legs!

  5. Steve Boese Says:

    Great thoughts, Lyn. I think it is still early in the methods and approaches that services like Klout are creating to attempt to quantify and compare something so subjective like influence. Hopefully over time, ‘gaming’ these kinds of systems, assuming they become more generally accepted as valid, won’t be an easy thing to do. Definitely food (bacon?) for thought.

  6. lynhoytbacon Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment Steve. I agree. And I certainly think the human side of the measuring has value when not gamed. Though I hope nobody is measuring how long it took me to see your comment to approve it! #oops

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