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Pet Park, Monkey Quest, Webkinz, Poptropica –Hoarding for my kids.

I have too many social subscriptions. Like many with hoarding-like behaviors, I collect them thinking I will have the one moment using them that will bring me the most social media organization possibly known to human SM consumption. At one time it was all about getting on to build SEO links for my ecommerce’s sites and show you we are participating in the social system. But, has it become too much? I think I need to carve out some time and re-look at the true usefulness of all these social sites.

Many are a no-brainer. I use Twitter and Facebook with ease, on a daily basis like the office water cooler or the friend coffee chat. While I am known to sleep with my smart phone, we are a connected geeky family with opportunities to glance at social sites throughout the day. I love people. Sometimes it feels like I am always standing in a virtual room full of them.

LinkedIn is still evolving for me but, I love having it linked to my Facebook Business Fan Page and to the business twitter account for easy blog sharing. Love the Linkedin Groups but, most of the group activity I read and follow by email notification and only visit the group when I comment. My profile still says unfinished because I have never asked for recommendations or posted a resume. So does it mean I am using LinkedIn all wrong? Maybe? It is a process. I certainly feel I am welcome to post more of my business content in that space. And there are some great experts out there to help you use Linkedin (Seiden) if you feel too overwhelmed to do it yourself. I also bought a bit of Linkedin stock at the IPO launch. That makes me pay a bit more attention in that social space.

Content Creation Mismanaged by Me, Valued by Others

Social tools I use for content creation on my websites are YouTube for demos, Flickr for slideshows and Squiddo to load how-to content. And Foursquare to me is a fun stalking version of Yelp! Check out Wiki Spaces or Small wiki source-book as a good way to chronicle business information and collaborate. There are more ways to create content  in social spaces than I can count or keep track of, from AllTop to create lists by topic or post notes to share in Posterous. My list grows in epic proportions.

My project social partners are also evaluating their social sites. Laura @Workgal takes the practical approach on how she uses her sites. And she is steering clear of Empire Avenue. Sideline on Empire Avenue; my stock has dropped because I unplugged Facebook. Facebook has some more personal content and is not consumable by everyone in my social network. (You may also be sorted to a list that shows limited posts if you are biz friend.) My  FB posts were showing in the Empire stream for everyone to see. Not cool. FYI. Dave the HRCzar over at HR Official thinks connecting all of your social sites is a bad idea because they serve different audiences or link audiences you don’t intend to link, like my Empire problem.  All good advice you should check out. My Empire stock just plummeted.

Two Rules

Okay, I’ve taken a look at each site I’ve hoarded. What is most surprising are the two things I decided that would guide my clean-up. A: When was the last time I really used the site? B: If I had not used the site in the last two months, was the content I created on the site being visited and valued by others? Used by and valued? Yep, in the end that is my social media goal. I want to be conscious of the content I create and consume. I want to add value, be helpful and build relationships, both personal and professional. I’m not sure if that goal really helps my hoarding problem though.

Be sure to check out more healthy social media use on my project social partner’s pages; Working Girl and HR Official. And please share any intervention you feel will help me by commenting on my post.

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