Bacon Re-Tweet Mania

I love the RT.

Before the internet I was one of those people that would read a cool article in the NY Times or local paper, think a buddy would enjoy it and clip it out and mail it. Sticks and stones technology in today’s immediate sharing capabilities of the internet. In the context of Social Media the Re-Tweet is much like those clippings of old, allowing you to easily provide a headline and link to something mined in online reading. I love it. And I feel my content has value if it is re-tweeted. There is validation in measuring value and reach.

Is the re-tweet always good?

Just like anything I suppose there can be too much of a good thing. Bacon is a great case-study on RT. From a marketing stand-point bacon is a huge keyword re-tweeted, mined and statistically written about. The Bivings Report says, “There are nearly 3 million search results for Bacon in Google Blogs, 57k with Bacon in the title of the blog (both excluding results containing the word Kevin). Apparently 48,367 people have added themselves to the WeFollow directory under the tag “bacon” . Truly mind-boggling.” The Re-Tweet has reach in #bacon. Big reach.

Keeping it Real

But what about real reach; RT that brings readers. Dave Ryan, one of my my Project Social triad, talks about our cross pollination function of the RT in the context of blogging on the same subject. It is really genius, seeing three points of view on the same topic and the “modified-re-tweet” as Dave calls it, ties our blogs together with three different perspectives. Gotta RT to hope interest is picked up in the stream of messages each tweeter has to filter by the moment. The opportunity to find interest is amplified by our followers and regular readers. Working Girl Laura, making up the other 3rd, lays out the ways the RT is discerned in the stream. She lists how you’ll get a RT from her. Great marketing psychology. You’d better not be putting out junk or you’ll never appear for her followers. She is keeping it real.

Peace of Value

I get re-tweeted under bacon a lot. But, does it add value? Outside of my Human Resources social media circles it is possible new audience members can be swept into our circle. I see value in the personality it brings my blog for the HR community readership. Why bacon?  I have written about the psychology of bacon in past posts. We must look at the psychology of the symbol and image. Aristotle said, “Thought is impossible without an image.” Bacon appeal crosses over generational, political and cultural divides. Could it be the new peace symbol?  It  seems the re-tweet makes the bacon world go around. All bloggers hope it brings the reader around. RT and pass the “Peace of Bacon!”

T-Shirt courtesy of Cafe Press Egowear.


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  1. H. R. Official » The Art of the RT Says:

    […] here wagon to this ProjectSocia train as well,  I will give her an RT for any of her posts over at The Bacon Hut. Both Laura and Lyn have posted on this subject or RTs so click on over and see what their take is […]

  2. Laura Schroeder Says:

    I’m not sure bacon would work as a symbol of peace in certain parts of the world… but it definitely has wide appeal!

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