How Fat is Your Social Networking?

Are you keeping your audience engaged? Or do you find the time commitment lean on your schedule? So how fat is your social networking? I received a surprise in the mail last weekend from my great HR SN buddy Joan Ginsberg.  She sent me some of the best smoked bacon I have ever put in my mouth!  Why you have to ask? Because engagement is fat, not lean.

I met Joan for the first time at the first HRevolution in 2009. We were newbie bloggers (check her’s out!) in the HR world, sharing the excitement of this new-found community which has continued on and off line.  We also share a love for bacon.  We all know now how Human Resources feels about bacon! Her family is in the meat packing business so I consider her the authority. (We have several HR Bloggers with food distribution and meat packing in their family background. Ask Lance Haun and Barry Diamond.) Joan certainly came through with this Wisconsin jewel. “The company is a family owned company based in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.  Their applewood smoked bacon has won tons of awards.  They make a lot of other meats, but their bacon is their bread and butter product.  They have THE BEST liver sausage I have ever eaten, too.  Our company is their Michigan distributor.  They are at” says Joan.

There was nothing lean about this bacon relative to name brands we all see in the store full of red streaks. The balance tipped to white. It was a firm fat bacon cut filled with the aroma of apple smoke. To microwave it would be a sin. And there is absolutely nothing like frying up a “fattier” bacon to a crisp golden brown. The results are just better. Crisper. Now Nuekes will say this is one of their leaner cuts. Maybe so. But, the fat balance is there to perform in a frying pan and melt in your mouth.

The Results

So I must share with you what we did with this bacon surprise. Because that is what we do  when we produce fat social networking: we share. We started with basic pure bacon served with Pancakes. I did save some drippings for brussel sprouts.

And then we produced a Fruit Salad with Bacon Crumbles. I was inspired by this post on “Bacon Today” Trying for a healthy, fresh alternative, the dressing has lemon and olive oil. We served it with roasted lemon pepper drum sticks. Popular with the kids!


10 slices cooked and cooled  gourmet bacon, crumbled

3 green apples, cored and diced

8 cups cut watermelon

3 cups quartered fresh strawberries

¼ cup feta cheese (optional)

¼ cup thinly sliced fresh basil

1 ½ tbsp gourmet olive oil

1 ½ tbsp lemon juice

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp ground black pepper


Combine all of the fruit together in a large bowl and gently mix till well blended.

In a separate small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Now drizzle the dressing over the fruit and gently toss until well mixed.

Then simply scatter the bacon and basil over the salad.

Offer to sprinkle a light snow cap of feta over the salad for those who enjoy its exotic flavor and enjoy!

Back to Social Networking
I do find the time management of my social networking the most difficult part. But, don’t trim the fat. Commit to your network for 30 minutes a day. Try to make real opportunities to reach out and say hello to your audience. Some weeks I just wave back with a thank you. If you are in closer circles we may be in a poke war on Facebook. Other weeks I reach out and share by engaging specific people at length. Or they have engaged me and inspired me, like the source of this “fat post.”

Thank you Joan for your gift of bacon. And thank you Human Resources for the gift of a fat network! Can’t wait to see the heart of that fat at HRevolution in Atlanta next month! And if I have not engaged you yet on your blog or twitter, it is only a matter of time. Because I want my social media fat!


3 Responses

  1. Joan Ginsberg Says:

    Right on, girlfriend! Thank you so much, and April 29 can’t get here soon enough for me, either.

  2. Steven Boese Says:

    Love, love everything about this post! Thanks for sharing the bacony goodness!

  3. Lyn Hoyt Says:

    Thanks guys for the support. That bacon was really awesome Joan. Glad you like the post. Steve do you have a bacon blog roll? I want the link! 🙂

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