Friday Bacon Recipe Share

I admit I am a blog reading junkie. Business, design and HR blogs feed my business head. But, food blogs, well – they just feed! Two stand-outs this week take us down the bacon road with sweets and good heath.

The first was posted on “The Beer Wench” blog. I have been following Ashley for several years now @thebeerwench and she has an awesome recipe for “Bacon, Beer, Peanut Butter Brownies.” Can you imagine all of that in one bite, served up with a nice chocolate nutty imperial stout? No you don’t cook beer in the brownies. Beer pairs with food. And chocolate is no stranger to a mug full. So check her out!

After that calorie pack I thought I would follow with a healthy bacon choice. Who is a brussel sprout fan? I am! Nothing like fresh brussel sprouts sautéed in butter and bacon bits. Even better toss them on the grill like that. But, this recipe goes a step healthier. Food Renegade has a “Bacon brussel Sprout Slaw” that rocked for me. Packed full of health, there is something about the combination of caraway, mustard and the bacon that makes the brussel sprout not really taste like a brussel sprout. Makes a wonderful side dish, though just like Food Renegade, I could just eat a bowl by itself.

May you enjoy a little food variety to your holiday season with bacon! Cheers! @Designtwit

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